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YouTube segments are coming once a week.
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my wife has her own site. thefarsouth.hopto.org

The image below is from a wireless webcam on our front deck. Updated every 10 minutes.
The image below is current from Sunrise till Sunset here in Tasmania.

Huon view

Mon 25 Jun, at 3.45:00 pm
At Police Point, Tasmania.
Temp: 13.1°C
Min Temp: 6.9°C
Max Temp: 15.3°C
Rain: 0.0 mm/hr
Today: 0.3 mm
Wind: 8 km/h at 203°
Peak: 12 km/h


New weather site

http://huon-weather.ddns.net Have included a new weather site. This is the complete weewx ... Read More

Epic sunrise
the best | 4/24/2018

Is the season for good sunrises.

The Gardens

I had to go to Hobart and have the car fixed. I had an appointment with the blood bank ... Read More

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mirror calm on the Huon

Roaring beach as a 4 image panel.
This will be made into `quadriptych' (a 4 image print)


Ben Duncan   3/5/2018

Just love the site daddy..

Teddy Wanderer   4/27/2018

I love this site Tom your photo's are really good.
I also like Lyn's site. I have only seen some of the images so far will look at them all when I get the time.

Tom Duncan   5/3/2018

Thanks for that Teddy. Will soon expand to vlog on YouTube as well.

laurie   6/6/2018

might do some planning for a trial site in geeveston let me know what you think.

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