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The image below is from a wireless webcam on our front deck. Updated every 10 minutes.
The image below is current from Sunrise till Sunset here in Tasmania.

Huon view
The time is 09:57:42pm sunrise: 06:36 ,sunset: 20:15

The time is 09:57:42pm
Latest update ..
Wed 23 Jan, at 7.05:00 am
At Police Point, Tasmania.
sunrise:06:36   sunset:20:15
Temp: 11.2°C
Min Temp: 10.9°C
Max Temp: 17.3°C
Rain: 0.0 mm/hr
Today: 0.3 mm
Wind: 8 km/h at 300°
Peak: 12 km/h


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mirror calm on the Huon

Roaring beach as a 4 image panel.
This will be made into `quadriptych' (a 4 image print)