A little late but moved

We have moved | 2/27/2019

We have moved and getting the home up and going.

Our Airbnb should be ready in a few weeks.

The Webcam and weather station are now working.
More on how this was setup soon.


Yep moving from here | 10/31/2018

Lyn and I have our place on the market. Moving to the North of Tasmania for family reasons and to setup a small business for us.

Check out the realestate advert.

Going on a holiday

soon | 8/8/2018
Next week Lyn and I are going to Victoria to see my daughter and son-in-law and Sister.
Will be fun and will have lots of Youtube clips and stills to show.

New weather site

Have included a new weather site. This is the complete weewx site that my weather station is updating.


Epic sunrise

the best | 4/24/2018

Is the season for good sunrises.

The Gardens

4/10/2018 | Comments: 1

I had to go to Hobart and have the car fixed.
I had an appointment with the blood bank so to fill in time I went to the Botanical Gardens.
What a great time, pity it was so short.
At the blood bank I was giving plasma and the machine had an error.
I went to the drinks area and fainted.

This was not good and the staff had an ambulance ordered for me.
I spent the next hour in the hospital checking me over.
All ok but Lyn and I had to get the car the next day.

A fun day had by all.

Very smokey


Very, very smokey around Southern Tasmania.
Lyn is having lots of problems with her asthma.

Another magic sunset

the rays of light did it again.. | 3/5/2018

Another wonderful sunset last night.
We seem to get them night after night this time of the year.

Have added more areas and lots more images.

Also new comment section on main page.

Quiet Sunday

add more images | 3/4/2018

Tis a bit windy today. Wonderful weather over the last few days.

Yesterday went to Cygnet and had a look at a great painting my sister did. Love the subject matter. lol

Today I have added a few more areas onto the site. Lake Pedder and some general shots taken around home.

Lyn is out till lunchtime.

Morning fun

afternoon play.. | 2/28/2018

Wonderful morning this morning. The sky lit up. The pano looks great. And my little play on words ( CTD ) looks good.