Site setup

This will give you an idea of what I have used to get this site available to all.
This website is being hosted from my office in Police Point, Tasmania. How this happens is a bit Techie but fun. (well for me anyway)


Getting the data out

Around 3% of Australians will get a fixed wireless NBN broadband service.

The NBN Wireless Broadband uses a technology called “LTE”, simlar to the Telstra 4G mobile network.

With this we have 20mb download speeds and around 5mb upload. This is great for Netflix and also for this website.


iiNet has been our carrier for a few years now. We used them in Queensland and were very happy with them so we use them down here as well. Our plan is for two mobile phones with 2gb per month, voip for our phone and 250gb download per month. All this for under $150, very happy.



The weather

To get the current weather I use a Fine Offset wh-1080 weather station. Link here from Jaycar. This was around $190 and works well. It has a USB output so data collected can be uploaded to my server. I also have a wireless camera mounted on the front of the house. This gives me a good resolution 1080x576 image. This image is uploaded to the server every 30 seconds.


The server is a small fan-less computer. It was cheap, no noise, quick enough.

It uses a linux operating system called linuxLite. Very happy with this. Apache, MySQL and PHP are installed.

To achieve https protocol I use certbot.